Pre-Manufactured (Standard and Semi-Custom) Cabinets by Cabinet Specialties

When Standard Designs Will Work and the Budget Matters

Building a new house or remodeling an existing one is a very expensive task, sometimes the budget does not allow for custom cabinets, or the lead time for custom cabinets does not work well with the projects schedule or simply the customer does not require or desire  uniquely designed kitchen or bath cabinetry. Cabinet Specialties has many options and design strategies to offer homeowners and contractors at a price point to work with nearly any budget.

As a distributor for two large, full line cabinet manufacturers, Cabinet Specialties has access to hundreds of cabinet designs, door styles and cabinet finishes that are readily available with about three weeks lead time.  All of these cabinets are well constructed. Among them, there is great variety and something to meet most everyone’s tastes, needs and budgets.

Using its computerized design technology, Cabinet Specialties can design kitchens, baths and other areas using the standardized cabinetry manufactured by these nationally recognized firms.  In the few cases where standard sizing will not work, both manufacturers offer the option at a reasonable cost to modify cabinet sizes to fit the needs of the customer.

Pre-Manufactured Cabinets are available from many sources including big box home improvement stores, lumber yards and kitchen boutiques.  Doing business with Cabinet Specialties has some distinct advantages, however:

    • Kitchen and bath cabinets is Cabinet Specialties’ only business so our experience and resources can focus on being sure designs are correct and the materials ordered and delivered are the materials the homeowner and contractor need to finish the project correctly the first time on time.
    • Cabinet Specialties buys its cabinets at manufacturer direct pricing.  In turn, it can resell them at wholesale prices, typically lower than retail prices.
    • Cabinet Specialties can install the cabinets and countertops using its own installers, not an out-of –town company hired to do the work like the big box stores.
    • Cabinet Specialties has its own countertop shop so customers can purchase laminate and solid surface countertops at the same time and place they buy their cabinets.
    • If there is a problem with some aspect of their kitchen and bath project, all the customer needs to do is to call Cabinet Specialties.  All the resources needed to address the problem are close at hand.  It is not necessary to endure calls to an 800# Service Department located out of town or deal with people who don’t understand or care about your problem.